Finally! You've come to that fork in the road where it's time to starting thinking about "life after retirement!" What will you do? Where will you go? To a new career? To a closer relationship with friends and family? To volunteering in your community?

What you need is a road map - a plan of action. And you're at the right place to get one. We've created a series of exercises (the mental kind) to help you get started on planning your life after retirement.

Then Go!

Life After 50 Blog

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Many of our friends have achieved success in their careers or businesses. They are now able to look beyond paying college tuition and the mortgage. Having worked so hard for many years, they are asking themselves questions like -- "How can I make a real impact during life after 50? How can I use my time, talent and treasure to make a real difference?" More>>

Planning Tools


Quick Trips are a fast and fun way to explore a variety of topics that may affect your life after retirement goals and dreams.


See how you might spend a typical week after you've made the transition from your career job.

Work After Retirement

If you're a baby boomer the chances are very good that you'll be a 'working retiree.' But it's likely you will want work to look different in your life after retirement than it has during your previous job. More >>

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Discover how to find meaning beyond the money. More >>

Photo of Joan and Steve retired.

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