Boomer Fast Facts

The Boomer Market

  • 76.4 million baby boomers
  • Leading-edge boomers turn 62 in 2008
  • Another baby boomer turns 60 every eight seconds
  • In 2000, 35 million Americans were 65+
  • By 2030, 70 million Americans will be 65+, and will comprise 20-25% of the US population

Boomer Finances

  • Average annual household earnings of boomers = $53,000
  • Average boomer predicted to retire with $500,000-$1,000,000 in assets
  • Mature consumers possess $7 trillion in wealth - 70% of the total wealth in the United States
  • 66% of all US stockholders and 60% of annuity owners are boomers
  • 66% of boomers are not confident in selecting a mutual fund
  • Retirement savings for boomers dropped from 58% in 2001 to 41% in 2002
  • 23% of retirees see finances as their biggest challenge
  • By 2040, Social Security benefits will need to be reduced by 37% if no changes are made to the system

Employment After Retirement

  • 83% of baby boomers intend to keep working after retirement
  • By 2010, 33% of labor force will be 'mature' workers (age 45+)
  • In 2004, only 5% of retiree income came from employment
  • 56% of working 'retirees' want to work in a new profession
  • 44% of retirees worked for pay at some point after retirement
  • 89% returned to work to stay active, not because of financial need
  • 14% of those currently working say they'll never retire
  • 28% of current working retirees will continue working a long as their health permits
  • Turbulent transition often accompanies retirees who leave work
  • By 2010, it's estimated that US corporations will experience a 10 million shortage in talent (76.4 million boomers replaced by 66.4 million replacement workers)
  • 1990's saw a 14% decrease in younger workers due to the lower birth rate
  • Workforce has increased only 1.5-2.0% over the past 20 years
  • 45% of US companies have special positions for mature workers
  • 50% of US companies are willing to negotiate special arrangements for older workers

Expectations for Life after Retirement

  • Only 22 % of those 55+ see retirement as a 'winding down' or an extended vacation
  • Those surveyed shortly before retirement give their reason for retirement as 'to do other things'
  • 67% of boomers surveyed say their happiness and satisfaction in retirement will come from family, friends, and fitness
  • 39% of retirees find 'relations with family and friends' is most important to them compared to 19% reporting 'physical health' and 8% 'personal finances' as being most important to them
  • Most powerful predictor of life satisfaction after retirement was extent of person's social network, not health or wealth
  • Retirees who are socially, economically and civically engaged will live longer
  • Better educated and more affluent boomers are inclined to view retirement as a time to find new challenges
  • When 50-75 year-olds were surveyed, 70% saw retirement as a time to stay active and 'begin a new chapter' while 28% saw it as a time to take it easy
  • Greater sense of mastery (ability to influence events), led to greater productivity in aging
  • First two years after leaving a job is typically a period of marital strife

Boomer Life Expectancy

  • Average baby boomer will live to be 83
  • Today, a 65-year-old man has one in four chances to live to 92
  • 65-year-old woman has one in four chances to live to 94
  • Married couples that are 65, have one in four chance of at least one spouse living to 97
  • Boomers will have 30+ years of retirement
  • When Social Security was established in 1935, retirement age was established to be 65 but life expectancy was only 61

Boomer Relocation

  • 59% of baby boomers plan to relocate
  • 21% of the boomers plan to relocate to Florida
  • 18% plan to relocate to Arizona
  • 26% plan to stay in their current home immediately after retirement, and then move
  • 24% plan to move to their new location prior to retirement
  • 75% of boomers want to live in communities offering age diversity


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